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The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) is a bill to create jobs, restore economic growth, and strengthen America's middle class through measures that modernize the nation's infrastructure, enhance America's
energy independence, expand educational opportunities, preserve and improve affordable health care, provide tax
relief, and protect those in greatest need, and for other purposes.

Nationwide ARRA funds for Highway Improvement programs totaled  $27.5 billion of which Mississippi was allocated $354,564,343.  Mississippi’s allotment was distributed between five categories. These categories are shown in the MDOT Stimulus Category Summary chart below.  Click here for a full
ARRA Highway Funds Distribution Overview.


MDOT ARRA Project Map
Below is the complete map of all ARRA transportation projects under contract for Mississippi. The colors of the icons correspond to the above categories.  Detailed information can be found by hovering over a specific icon. You can click
on 'View Award Details' to go to see additional details about the project.
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