Convincer Seat Belt Simulator

What is it?
The Seat Belt Convincer illustrates the beneficial use of seat belts even when a vehicle is involved in a low-speed collision.
The Convincer simulates a low-impact crash and the benefit of seat belts and air bags.  The participant sits in a carriage at the top of an incline and is restrained by a seat belt.  A lever is released, allowing gravity to pull the carriage forward, eventually reaching a speed of about 5 MPH before colliding with bumpers at the front of the system.  This allows riders to experience the force generated in a low-speed collision.
Still wondering what it is and what it does?  Check out the video 
Who’s it for?
The Convincer is available for demonstration at schools attended by students in grades seven and up, and for various safety events. 
How do I request it for my event?
There is no charge associated with our programs; however, we do have a few limitations.  Below is some general information for those interested in scheduling a demonstration: 
·         Participants must be at least 4’ 9” in height, and weigh at least 80 pounds (generally, ages 12 and up.)
·         The Convincer must be placed within 100 feet of an electrical source (outlet or generator).
·         The space requirement for the Convincer is roughly the size of a standard parking space.
·         Demonstrations can be done outdoors or indoors; however, if the event is scheduled for an outdoor location, it will be cancelled and/or rescheduled due to rain if no alternate indoor location is available.
·         The Convincer must be placed on a level surface.
·         There must be a guaranteed audience of at least 50 people for each demonstration.  (Exceptions to this may be made for smaller groups in the immediate Jackson area or demonstrations during the less busy summer or winter months.)
·         It takes approximately a minute for each participant to complete their ride in the Convincer.  Total time necessary for demonstration will depend on how many permitted participants are present at the event.
·         A release of liability form is required for each participant before he or she may ride in the Convincer.  (If the participant is younger than 18, this form requires a parent or guardian’s signature.)  You may download the release form here: Convincer Consent Form.  Participants may have the forms completed in advance; however, the form must accompany the participant at the time of the demonstration and be handed to the MDOT safety representative before he or she is allowed to enter the simulator.
·         It is recommended that Convincer demonstrations be scheduled at least one month in advance.  However, certain times of the year are extremely popular and available dates can go quickly.  So, the earlier you call, the better.
There are some additional special considerations and restrictions for safety purposes:
Do NOT ride the Convincer if you:
·         Have any heart condition or history of a heart condition
·         Have any head, neck, leg, spine, or back problems
·         Have had any recent surgery or long-term illness
·         Have any physical injury or problem known to you that will or may be affected by participation
·         Have high blood pressure
·         Have a hernia
·         Have ever been treated for cancer
·         Are pregnant or think you might be pregnant
·         Are recovering from any recent injury, illness, surgery, or medical procedure
Interested in scheduling the Seat Belt Convincer for your event?  Please contact us at