Mississippi Operation Lifesaver, Inc.
Mississippi Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (MSOL) is a non-profit organization that is working diligently to stop the needless deaths and injuries on or near highway rail grade crossings through education, enforcement and engineering.
Operation Lifesaver Mission
Operation Lifesaver is a national, non-profit education and awareness program dedicated to ending tragic collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights of way. To accomplish its mission, Operation Lifesaver promotes 3 E's of safety:
  1. Education: Operation Lifesaver strives to increase public awareness about the dangers around the rails. The program seeks to education both drivers and pedestrians to make safe decisions at crossings and around railroad tracks.
  2. Enforcement: Operation Lifesaver promotes active enforcement of traffic laws relating to crossing signs and signals and private property laws related to trespassing.
  3. Engineering: Operation Lifesaver encourages continued engineering research and innovation to improve the safety of railroad crossings.
Operation Lifesaver History
Operation Lifesaver started in Idaho in 1972 when the national average of collisions at highway-rail crossings exceeded 12,000 annually. By 2006, the most recent year for which final statistics are available, the number of train/motor vehicle collisions had been reduced by approximately 76 percent to 2,897, according to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) within the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Operation Lifesaver is now an international program and is supported by national and state organizations, as well as the railroads. Today, Operation Lifesaver programs are active in 49 states nationwide (Hawaii excluded) and in the District of Columbia.
Free programs are presented to schools, businesses and civic organizations as well as specialized programs for school bus drivers, professional drivers, law enforcement and emergency responders. To request a free presentation or to learn more about Mississippi Operation Lifesaver, Inc., contact Sate Coordinator Kim Sloan at 601-359-7539 or at
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