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Free Retroreflectometer Loan Program for Mississippi Local Agencies
The Mississippi Local Technical Assistance Program maintains four RoadVista Model 922 handheld retroreflectometers that is available for FREE loan to cities and counties in Mississippi.
The goal of this program is to provide Mississippi local agencies with free access to a device that plays an important role in ensuring quality and accuracy when implementing a sign management program.
About the MUTCD Minimum Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements

On January 22, 2008, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released new standards regarding minimum levels of sign retroreflectivity. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Retroreflectivity" refers to the property of a traffic sign to reflect light back to the driver. Retroreflective traffic signs are used to increase sign visibility at night.
As a result, agencies are now responsible for maintaining their signs to a minimum level of service, and use of a retroreflectometer can help agencies ensure they are meeting these standards.
Under the new MUTCD standards:
· By January of 2012, all cities and counties must establish and implement a sign assessment or management method that will maintain minimum levels of sign retroreflectivity.
· By January of 2015, agencies must meet minimum retroreflectivity requirements for regulatory, warning, and ground-mounted guide signs.
· By January of 2018, overhead guide signs and street name signs must be in compliance.
Measured Sign Retroreflectivity using a retroreflectometer is one of the assessment methods authorized in the MUTCD.
About the Loan Program
The loan program provides agencies with full use of:


  • RoadVista 922 retroreflectometer
  • Retroreflectometer accessories and software
The equipment is available for loans of up to two weeks.
There is no fee for this service, but agencies must pre-schedule a loan period and must pick up and return the retroreflectometer and all accessories at:
  • MDOT LTAP Center, Planning Division(7th Floor)
401 N West Street, Jackson, MS
The LTAP staff will demonstrate proper care and use of the equipment, review the accessories included in the loan, and make sure that agency personnel are comfortable with the equipment.
We also require all borrowing agencies to submit a signed Memorandum of Understanding prior to leaving with the equipment. Borrowing agencies are required to maintain all equipment in a secure and locked location during transportation and for the duration of the loan.
If items are reported stolen, the agency will be required a police report and reimburse the Mississippi LTAP Center.
Agencies are responsible for covering the cost of any repairs or replacements that are necessary due to damages or losses sustained during the loan period.
The borrowing agency must attend the Retroreflectometer Hands-on training (March 11, 2014) and Sign Retroreflectivity workshop before the equipment is loan out. A certificate will be given to each participant and it is valid for only two years.
How to Request a Loan
Please fill out a Request Form and submit it to or fax it to 601-359-7652. We will be in touch shortly to schedule your loan. If you would like more information about the loan program, please call 601-359-7685.
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