Project Development Manual
Local Public Agency
A Local Public Agency (LPA) is any agency that receives Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) federal transportation funds. These funds are passed through the State DOT to the qualifying agency for improving their infrastructure or providing transportation services. Each agency which receives these funds has a designated local LPA coordinator with the responsibility to ensure the compliance of all State and Federal-aid regulations related to the delivery process of locally administrated projects.

A national review of federal-aid projects administered by LPAs conducted by FHWA found that the administration of Federal-aid projects by LPAs appeared to lack a systematic or comprehensive oversight approach. One of the most common findings was a lack of knowledge of the processes and procedures for establishing and administering federal-aid projects, as well as the federal and state requirements that need to be met in order to secure and maintain federal funding.
The LTAP/TTAP Centers can play a vital role to bridge this knowledge gap among their partners and customers in the local roads community. Each Center will determine its own strategies and level of activity with other LPA stakeholders to help move local agencies forward and make a difference. The range of involvement of each Center will vary throughout the country; from very little participation to development and delivery of LPA training.
The required amount of training for LPA coordinators varies from state to state, and one size does not fit all. The following tools have been developed by FHWA to help your Center position itself as a conduit of information within your State throughout your local road community.
LPA Resources