Bicycle Safety Tips

1.     Obey All Traffic Laws
The State of Mississippi law states that bicycles are subject to the same traffic laws as vehicles; therefore, bicyclists must obey all applicable traffic laws and traffic signals.
2.     Protect Your Head
Wear a helmet.
3.     Go with the Flow of Traffic
Always ride on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic, not against it.
4.     Stay Visible
Wearing bright colors will help drivers see you and will be less likely to hit you. Use lights when biking at night, and be sure to wear something that reflects light.
5.     Look, Use Hand Signals, and Look Again
When turning, stopping or changing lanes first look behind and around you for cars or pedestrians. Second, use the correct hand signal (see image below) to alert those behind you of your movement. Third, look again to be sure your signals were seen and understood.
6.     Be Predictable
Be a predictable rider. Do not weave in and out of traffic. Be aware of the traffic around you, and make eye contact with drivers.
7.     Keep your Bike in Good Repair
Adjust your bike to fit properly. Check tires and brakes regularly. Please also see the following link for "Beginners Guide to Bicycle Maintenance".
8.     Keep Both Hands ready to Brake
Using one brake may not allow you to stop in time. Be alert and ready.
9.     Watch for and Avoid Road Hazards
Be attentive to the condition of the road(s). If potholes, gravel, puddles or other hazards inhibit your riding, either signal to the vehicles around you that you are moving over or get off your bike and walk around the hazard – obeying all traffic laws.
10.  Choose the Best Way to Turn Left
When making a left turn you should choose to either (1) look behind, signal, look again and move into the left turn lane and then turn left when legal and safe, or (2) ride straight through the intersection to the far side crosswalk, dismount and walk your bike across when legal and safe.