Below are types of products that are specified by the project plans or by the standard specifications and are not proprietary (23CFR635.411 - Material or product selection.).
Product Pay Item Notes
Castings, Gratings, and Utility Risers 613-D005 Pre-tested and absorbed item. Unless otherwise stated in the project plans or contract documents, metal risers shall conform to the material requirements of §613.02 and shall be approved at the discretion of the engineer; plastic risers shall be approved at the discretion of the engineer. Must come from pre-tested stock.
Granular Coarses 304-XXXX Item is pretested and must come from an approved source. Test for unit weight, gradation, and abrasion.
Glass Beads


Absorbed and pretested item, not an APL item. Test for gradation, roundness, and coating.
Inlet Siltation Guard 234-D001 Item is specified AND listed on the APL. Product is accepted on certification. Shall conform to the Standard Drawings: ECD-11, ECD-12, ECD-13, ECD-14, and/or ECD-15.
Pipe Rehabilitation N/A

We do not maintain an APL listing for these types of products.
Urethane Undersealing and Leveling


These materials are covered in S.P. 907-420-2 and are not APL items.
Silt Fence and Super Silt Fence


These materials are covered in Section 234 of the Standard Spectifications and are not APL items. Super Silt Fence shall conform to the Department's Standard Drawings, SSF-1.

Culvert and Drains:
Concrete, Plastic, and Steel Pipe

603-XXXX From §603.01 the contractor has the option to select an alternate pipe from a list shown in the project plans or contract documents. After this selection has been made the contractor is required to use that type for the remainder of the project. Materials specifications for various types can be found in §603.02.

See also: Alternate Items and Preparation of Proposal

Traffic Control Devices:
Cones, Markers, drums, delineators, barricades, intrusion detectors, vertical panels, portable signs, concrete and portable barriers, truck mounted attenuators, workzone crash cushions, and fixed sign supports.

From §619.02.13 these items shall be self-certified. See certification example template..

See also the MUTCD.