Below are types of products that are specified by the project plans or by the standard specifications and are not proprietary (23CFR635.411 - Material or product selection.).
Product Pay Item Notes
Manhole Risers 613-D005 Absorbed item. Approved at the discretion of the engineer.
Granular Coarses 304-XXXX Item is pretested and must come from an approved source.

Test for unit weight, gradation, and abrasion.

Glass Beads 625-XXXX


Absorbed and pretested item, not an APL item.

Test for gradation, roundness, and coating.

Inlet Siltation Guard 234-D001 Item is specified AND listed on the APL. Product is accepted on certification.

Shall conform to the Standard Drawings.

Pipe Rehabilitation N/A

We do not maintain an APL listing for these types of products.
Urethane Undersealing and Leveling 907-420-A001


These materials are covered in S.P. 907-420-2 and are not APL items.
Silt Fence and Super Silt Fence 234-A001



These materials are covered in Section 234 of the Standard Spectifications

and are not APL items. Super Silt Fence shall conform to the Department's Standard Drawings, SSF-1.