The Geotechnical Operation Branch is the primary geotechnical services provided to MDOT.   The Geotechnical Operations Branch consists of the following testing sections: management, drilling, laboratory, and design. 
Section​ ​ Contact Name Contact Email
State Geotechnical Engineer ​                    Sean Ferguson
Drilling Crew #1                           Joe Mix
​Drilling Crew #2 ​​                       Corey Clark
Design ​​​​                       Mike Stroud

Geotechnical Laboratory​                         ​Ian LaCour

Geotechnical Laboratory​

                        Morise Jobe
The Geotechnical Operations Branch of MDOT Materials Division has a significant role in accomplishing the overall goals of MDOT.  The Geotechnical Operations Branch is responsible for the following:
  1. Statewide geotechnical operations
  2. Sub-surface exploration
  3. Obtain test samples from drilling operations
  4. Test samples in the laboratory
  5. Design structures based on the site investigation, exploration, and test results.  Structures include, but are not limited to, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction, bridges, and foundations.