The Field Operations Branch operates to provide materials inspections, sampling pre-tested materials, job closings, test sample receiving, and review and approval of new and existing materials required to be on the Approved Products List (APL).   The Field Operations Branch consists of the following testing sections: management, inspection, lab control, and product approval. 
Section​ ​ Contact Name Contact Email
Field Operations Engineer Amy Guth
Inspection Carl "Pete" Craig
​Lab Control ​Pedro Tristeza
Product Approval John Blakely
The Field Operations Branch of MDOT Materials Division has a significant role in accomplishing the overall goals of MDOT.  The Field Operations Branch is responsible for the following:
  1. Inspection and sampling of pre-tested materials
  2. Laboratory control of receiving samples for testing and ensuring the materials testing was completed to close the job
  3. Review and approval of all new and existing materials used for MDOT
  4. New and existing product approval and review