The objectives of the Approved Products Lists are to provide a preliminarily approved products that meets the requirements set forth by the Code of Federal Regulations (23CFR635.411 - Material or product selection.) and to provide a source for preliminarily approved materials that meet the requirements listed in the Mississippi Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction that can be used on MDOT projects. The Approved Lists shall consist of materials/products and/or producers/suppliers as called for in the Mississippi Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Special Provisions thereto, Contract Documents, MDOT Manuals, or Standard Operating Procedures. Items in the Approved Lists shall meet MDOT, AASHTO, and/or U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration standards as applicable. 
To begin, search by either Approved Products or Approved Producer/Supplier using the links below. From any of the pages, there will be a drop down list to make a selection from which will return all information related to your selection.


In order to obtain approval of a material and facility, please complete the Product Evaluation Form ADM-361 and contact our product approval engineer.

Although a material or producer and supplier may be on the approved list above, final acceptance of products and materials for payment is contingent on job control sampling, testing, specifications, and satisfactory performance.