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  John Blakely, 601-359-1761,
  What types of products are supposed to be listed on the APL?
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  Why is my aggregate pit/quarry not on the approved list anymore?

If your source has not provided aggregate for Department work within the last 12 months, then it is considered innactive. If a source is innactive it will not appear on our approved list.


If your aggregate source has failed to meet the specification requirements on its most recent test and after being retested, it will be placed on the innactive list until it can be verified that it has met the Department's requirements.

  How do I get my aggregate source back on the approved list?

Contact us and request that we collect a sample for testing. Depending on where your pit/quarry is located either Central Lab or District Personnel will collect a sample for testing. For in-state sources, you will need to contact the District Materials Engineer in the district that your source is located.

  Are producers required to submit new information yearly?
  Products are reviewed at a minimum frequency of once (1) per four (4) years. If no information is found and contact cannot be made to obtain updated information when this occurs, then the product is expired. Producers may submit letters of no change to extend their approval to four(4) years from the last calendar day of the year that the information is recieved during this timeframe. Some producers elect to submit these yearly.
  What are Substitute Materials?
  Substitute materials are materials that are approved for use as substitutes to either APL items or specified items. These are approved by the Department on a case by case basis.
  What is an "approved equal?"
  An approved equal is any material or product that is deemed acceptable to be substituted for another material or product. These may be approved at discretion of the Engineer on a case by case basis.
  Who is "the Engineer?"
  The Chief Engineer of the Department or their duly authorized representative(s) who is responsible for the supervision of the work. For example, the project engineer can be "the Engineer."