Beginning in 1989, Trash Bash is an annual event in which Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) employees volunteer to actively pick up litter from highways across the state in order to raise the level of awareness about the devastating effects of litter.
Each of the six MDOT districts chooses one day, two in some districts, for the caring employees to participate in this worthwhile cause in order to set a much needed example to neighbors and to spread the message that litter is a serious problem that is destroying our state.
Last year the MDOT's 1,768 volunteers lived up to the challenge to, "Think Green, Keep Mississippi Clean", and made an enormous difference by removing 7,148 bags of garbage from the state's rights of way - hard evidence of the serious litter problem in Mississippi.
Trash Bash is MDOT's contribution to the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Great American Cleanup, which is held from March 1 st through May 31 st each year. Citizens are invited to do their part in holding similar cleanup events during this time, as well. It is time for all Mississippians to take notice and accept responsibility for stopping this deplorable, harmful, and illegal habit. If we all work together, we can make a difference.
For more information on how you can "Make a Difference" by actively improving your community through the involvement of participating in a cleanup or in similar positive programs, please contact your District Anti-Litter Coordinator.
Each MDOT District participates annually in the Great American Clean Up by scheduling individual Trash Bash events. MDOT employees have been participating in this event since 1989:



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