Each year MDOT spends over three million dollars of taxpayer money in an effort to maintain clean highways throughout our state. However, it goes without saying that this alone will not solve the problem. Therefore, we have developed additional avenues to better address this issue. These “additional avenues” are our partnerships with our local government leaders. 



Through MDOT’s Inmate Litter Removal Program, we, the Mississippi Transportation Commission, partner with local law enforcement departments at the county and municipal level using prisoners to remove litter from state maintained highways. The Mississippi Transportation Commission enters into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the local Sheriffs, Boards of Supervisors, Mayors, City Councils, Boards of Aldermen, or Police Chiefs, whichever the case my be.
Under this MOU, MDOT agrees to furnish trash bags, safety vests, gloves and advisory signs. Also, MDOT will reimburse you for costs associated with the execution of this agreement. This includes the salary (not to exceed $10.00 per hour) of the deputy/officer assigned to this program and reimbursement to the local government for travel expenses incurred in transporting inmates to and from the work site. The amount will be calculated at the State of Mississippi’s current mileage rate.
Among the items the local governmental body agrees to furnish is a minimum of five inmates to pick up litter on the state maintained highway systems and a deputy/officer to supervise all inmates. The county/municipality also agrees to furnish inmate work crews for a minimum of a seven hour work day which includes all breaks and lunches in addition to a few other minor agreements. MDOT also works with these groups to provide the law enforcement department with a litter vehicle (when available) for the purpose of transporting the prisoners throughout the area they service.
Does the Inmate Litter Program work? Absolutely. In 2008, those counties and municipalities taking part in our Inmate Litter Program removed over 442,872 bags of litter from the state highways in Mississippi. Contact the District Anti-Litter Coordinator in your area to obtain additional information about the Inmate Litter Program.
Click here to view a list of Counties and Municipalities participating in the Inmate Litter Removal Program.
For photos of participants in the Inmate Litter Program, click on Inmate Litter Program photos 2013.pdf