Myrtle The Turtle
                                                                                                                             "Think Green, Keep Mississippi Clean"

Anti-Litter Educational Presentation
MDOT’s “Myrtle the Turtle” program targets school age children, grades K-3. Included in the approximate 30-minute presentation is an eight-minute animated video which depicts Myrtle’s world. Myrtle the Turtle considers all of Mississippi her home and encourages them to take responsibility to keep their home, Mississippi, clean and beautiful for all to enjoy. Reinforcement materials are provided to the students/teachers.
      •            - 30-minute program for grades K - 3
  •            - Includes animated Myrtle the Turtle video
  •            - Presented by MDOT District Anti-Litter Coordinator
  •            - Reinforcement materials provided to students/teachers
    •                  .MDOT Litter Patrol badges
    •                  .MDOT Children's Book - Albert's Mississippi Adventure
    •                  .Bookmarks
    •                  .Stickers
Contact your MDOT District Litter Coordinator for more information or to schedule a presentation