The MDOT Anti-Litter Program
The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) recognizes the detrimental effects litter has on our state’s economy and environment, and we are committed to making Mississippi’s transportation system cleaner by coordinating specific programs designed to eradicate litter.
The MDOT Anti-Litter Program’s long-range objective is to prevent litter altogether while instilling pride within Mississippians. To attain this most crucial goal, MDOT is committed to reaching all Mississippians with the “Three E’s” of litter prevention efforts: Education, Enforcement, and Elimination. Additionally, MDOT has introduced a statewide media campaign under the theme, “Think Green, Keep Mississippi Clean.” The campaign, based on findings from state and national research, includes television and radio commercials with a hard-hitting message directed to the target audiences found to be responsible for the majority of littering occurring in the state.

Education: Helping people of all ages to understand the devastating effects litter has on Mississippi’s economic development, tourism, and quality of life, is the goal of MDOT’s educational efforts. Educational awareness prompts behavioral change, which is the only means of permanently preventing litter.
Anti-litter coordinators are on staff in every MDOT district across the state. These coordinators are responsible for educational efforts in their districts and are available to schools, daycares, head start centers, libraries, church groups, community and civic organizations. They can customize an anti-litter program to meet the needs of any group, and their interactive programs involve hands-on activities and anti-litter materials for children.
Enforcement: Littering is illegal in our state, and enforcement is vital for those laws to be taken seriously by all Mississippians. With Keep Mississippi Beautiful (KMB), our partner in working toward a litter-free Mississippi, MDOT is working with the law enforcement and judicial community to make clear the message that littering will not be tolerated.
Any member of law enforcement throughout the state, including local police and sheriff’s departments, the Highway Patrol, and MDOT’s own law enforcement officers, is empowered to write tickets for littering offenses.
Welcome to the Mississippi Department of Transportation's (MDOT) Anti-Litter Site.
Unsightly litter along our highways is a preventable tragedy. It is a disorder that can be cured if we will only work together to educate our citizenry, eliminate existing litter and enforce existing litter laws. We are glad you have chosen this site to learn more about litter prevention and hope you will give us your thoughts and comments before you leave.
Many people do not know that litter is more than ugly, it destroys. Statistics show that litter is a drain on our economy. The Mississippi Department of Transportation spends well over $3 million each year for litter removal from state maintained highways, and still this is not enough to keep our roadways clean. In fact, a recent survey showed that Mississippi is 30 percent more littered than other states. This is a disgrace.
Business owners do not want to locate new businesses in garbage dumps. Tourists do not want to spend time or money in filthy places.
Statistics show that crime is considerably higher in places that are littered. And let's not forget that litter is a threat to the overall health of our natural environment.
That is why we, the Mississippi Transportation Commission, are pleased to provide assistance to you through this web site. Here you will find educational puzzles and games for teaching children proper disposal of litter. You will also have access to statistical information concerning the programs that MDOT supports. Most importantly we can hear from you, the people of Mississippi, who like us are determined to rid our state of litter.
Email your suggestions and comments to the MDOT State Anti-litter Coordinator at Or if you prefer, you may call 601-359-7111 or write to MDOT Anti-litter Coordinator, Maintenance Division, P. O. Box 1850, Jackson, MS 39215-1850.
Together we can cure our state of the disease we call litter.
Elimination: As the educational programs and enforcement are taking place to reach the goal of eradicating litter from our state, eliminating the litter that is already strewn across and covering our beautiful landscape is necessary. MDOT offers numerous programs which are designed to aid in the effort to eradicate litter, such as its Inmate Litter Removal Program, its yearly Trash Bash, one of the state’s largest clean up events, Adopt a Highway and Adopt an Interchange. Please visit the Programs section of this Web site to read about MDOT additional programs.
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