An Interstate Beautification Program
Developed by the Mississippi Department of Transportation, this program gives municipalities the opportunity to beautify interstate interchanges. Litter control, mowing and landscaping are integral parts of this program.
Program Objectives
  • To showcase the natural beauty of Mississippi
  • To enhance the overall appearance of interstate interchanges
  • To help control litter and instill a sense of pride
  • To make a favorable "first impression"
A Message From Your Transportation Commission
Municipalities participating in the Adopt-An-Interchange Program keep their interstate interchanges litter free and neatly mowed. Provided certain regulations pertaining to visibility and safety are followed, cities are allowed to plant flowers, shrubs and/or trees within their adopted interchanges.
This alliance of state and local governments opens a new door of opportunity for a stronger, brighter future in Mississippi.
Your support and interest in this project are appreciated. Working together, we can send the message that Mississippians care for and are proud of their communities and state.
Maintenance Requirements
  • Litter Control
    • Litter will be picked up at least once a month, or as necessary, to ensure a litter-free interchange.
  • Mowing
    • Mowing within the limits of the interchange, as needed.
  • Landscaping (optional)
    • Planting and maintaining flowers, shrubs and/or trees in accordance with MDOT's guidelines.
  • Signs Available
    • Specially designed " Mississippi logo" signs may be purchased for each interstate ramp under permit from MDOT. The logo is identified throughout the state as a commitment to excellence. Information on the cost and supplier of the sign and post can be obtained from the state maintenance engineer.
Who should be involved in the program?
Municipalities may solicit the support of local chambers of commerce, civic clubs, churches or other civic-minded organizations for assistance in this program. Due to safety considerations associated with interstate highway traffic, no person under the age of 15 will be allowed to participate in activities directly on the right of way.
Adoption Procedure
The municipality should contact the District Anti-litter Coordinator for its district to obtain additional information about the program. Once the municipality has joined the program, it will work closely with the department's district personnel.