Adopt-a – Highway
The Adopt-A-Highway program is one innovative solution to our state’s highway litter problem. It provides private and civic organizations with the opportunity to become involved in the preservation of our state’s natural beauty. Members also gain great satisfaction of contributing to their community and state. We need your help to keep Mississippi roadsides clean. Please consider adding your group of friends, neighbors, coworkers or club members to our list of volunteers who make a positive impact on the area in which they live. Please review the information below on how to adopt a highway near your home or your workplace.  Your regional Anti-Litter Coordinator can be located by clicking on Contact Us.
Getting Started

The Adopt-A-Highway program is one innovative solution to our state’s highway litter problem. It provides private and civic organizations with the opportunity to become involved in the preservation of our state’s natural beauty. 
Who is Eligible?

Just about anyone can take part…here are some examples:
  • Private and civic organizations, such as college fraternities and sororities, churches, scouts and businesses Individuals and families adopt to show their pride in Mississippi or in memory of a family member

MS. AAH Volunteer Photos!

  •  - Remove litter a minimum of 4 times a year
  •  - Adopt a 1 or 2 mile section of a State Highway
  •  - Provide the manpower to pick up litter from both sides of their assigned highway section
  •  - Dedicate two years to the program
  •  - Click on the 'AAH Application Form' below. Search the map for an available section and fill out the online Adopt-a-Highway Program Application Form. Once you submit the online application form the District Anti-Litter Coordinator in your area will then contact you with additional requirements and more information..



 Mississippi Department of Transportation:
  •   - Anti – Litter District Coordinators assign sections for adoption
  •   - Provides safety vests, litter bags, gloves, “workers ahead” signs
  •   - Picks up bagged litter when volunteer clean- up has been completed
  •   - Provides signs displaying names of groups, business or organization along with Adopt a Highway sign. Adopting groups wishing to use a logo may do so by incurring the cost. (MDOT reserves the right to approve all messages on the signs)


Program Guidelines/Information
  •  - Interested groups must first complete an application for highway adoption.
  •  - If the application is approved, the District Anti-Litter Coordinator executes a written agreement with the Mississippi Transportation Commission (MTC).
  •  - American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Class Two (2) safety vests shall be worn at all times by participants in the program.
  •  - Participating group members shall abide by all rules and regulations and all safety requirements of the Adopt-A-Highway program which are included with the application.
  •  - Volunteers will save harmless the Mississippi Department of Transportation from any and all claims for damages by persons working on this program.
  •  - Volunteers shall work only when traffic control signs are in place.
  • No person under the age of 12 will be allowed to assist in litter removal from highway rights of way; however, persons between the ages of 12 and 15 may participate providing there is 



  • One adult present for every eight participants in this age category.
  •  - No pets allowed at pick up sites.
  •  - Stay off of pavement surfaces during pickups.
  •  - Park vehicles off the pavement and do not park on curves, bridge decks, near or under overpasses or in medians.
  •  - MDOT prohibits the possession, consumption or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while performing work or litter pick up on state highway rights of way.
  •  - Report any hazardous objects to your Adopt-A-Highway Regional Coordinator For important information on hazardous waste click here.(Meth Information)
  •  - Place filled bags near Adopt-A-Highway signs for later pick-up.
  •  - Litter pick up shall take place between the hours of one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset and shall not take place during inclement weather.
  •  - The District Coordinator will initiate renewals requests for all groups willing to continue their AAH program participation. The District Coordinator will forward the renewal requests for review. The District Office will execute all renewals.
  •  - The District Coordinator will notify a participating group if it is no longer authorized to participate in the Adopt-A-Highway Program. Upon receiving notification of non-renewal, the District Office shall remove the group’s name from the Adopt-a- Highway signs.
MDOT Adopt-a-Highway Brochure
Click here to view the Safety Video for picking up litter on Mississippi highways.